Hiroko: One of the least liked people of his "world" and a loner. He appears in the shadow realm as a black wolf with white moon markings on his face. He does not have a shadow in the light realm and because of which is very important to the shadows of others. He is the protaginist of the story and plays an important role with the shadow realm and to the Guardians.


Lucifer: A nobody in the realm of shadows. He lives with his human in a large estate in the northern end of the city. He is a reddish colored Tom with a large blue bruise over his right eye. After speaking with Halshef in a vision he agrees to help Hiroko return to his world. He is actually Ronald in the light realm.


Malkier: A noble colt and son of Rori. He is looked down upon by the elders for his unwillingness to fight. He is grey with a white stripe down his face and white socks. He comes across Hiroko when he sleeps in the horses' stable one night. He decides to help Hiroko after his leaders banish him.


Guardian Halshef (of the North): Guardian of the Moon, Full Moon, and Leader of the Guardians. He is a pure white wolf with a black full moon marking on his forehead.


Guardian Lourka (of the West): Guardian of the Waning Moon. He is a light grey ram with a black waning moon marking on the right side of his face over his eye.


Guardian Frevla (of the East): Guardian of the Waxing Moon. She is a dark grey horse with a black waxing moon marking over the left side of her face over her eye.


Guardian Korah (of the South): Guardian of the New Moon. She is a pure black cat with no markings on her face or body. She has four tails with white tips.


Nalia: The grand-daughter of an elder wolf pack leader. She is very nervous around everyone and doesn't like change. She is brown with tan legs and paws.

Crone: A devious wolf with very odd eyes. He is constantly trying to assert his physical power over the wolf pack but has still been unable to become leader. He is light brown with a dark brown back.