Inspired by the song "She Wolf" and "Intro" by Blessed by a Broken Heart*; She Wolf is an inspiring tale of one female wolf taken from her home when she had only just opened her eyes to the wild and the wonderful world around her.

    Our story takes place during the time soon after the "Great War on Wolves" during the creation of the National Wildlife Federation of America and the Endangered Species Act (Around 1970-1975). Wolves were hunted for their pelts and their demeanors of being "wild, coldblooded, livestock killers." As humans moved into wilder territories, wolves were forced to live closer and closer to human settlements, losing their prey to hunters and trappers, and farmers whose farms continued to expand. Some packs were forced to kill human animals in order to survive, thus imprinting the label of DANGEROUS and NUISCANCE on their rugged furs.

    She Wolf is the daughter of a lone female who joined her pack while pregnant. She was allowed to keep her children of two daughters and a son if she promised to force them out once they were old enough to fend for themselves of which she agreed. A few months after giving birth to her children, the faint scent of human began to enter into the territory, leaving the pack with a decision to stay and defend their territory, or leave in search of a new one. They choose to stay.

    Hunters begin taking down wolves on scouting duties as well as those of rival packs. Soon the pack is discovered and local NWF, NAWFG, and park rangers hear of the recent wolf sightings and investigate, hoping to save them from extinction.

    She Wolf is rescued soon after she is shot in the right hind leg after defending her pack mates and is taken to an animal sanctuary in Southern New York near Allegheny State Park. There she is introduced into the captive pack; But it doesn't take long before she longs for the freedom she had once been promised as a pup back in the wild. She Wolf must now escape and lead herself back home by instincts and intuition. It is a long road ahead and there will be many obstacles, but with the help of some new allies, her wishes may just come true. But the place that She Wolf dreams of...may not be the place where she belongs...