Tadi a.k.a. She Wolf - A brave, agressive, headstrong wolf who longs for nothing more then her freedom and her home back in the wild. She Wolf is the daughter of Takoda and a roving male - sister of Rozene and Tse. Her eyes are golden and her coat is an array of browns, greys, tans, and golds. She has a long slash across her face, and a scar on her left hip from the bullet she received as a pup. She is only called Tadi by her mother and her siblings. Her early demeanor makes her a very unlikable heroine but as she learns to trust others, she makes a complete transformation. Her name means "Runner" - Full name is Tadita (Ta-dee-ta).

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Tobi - A cheerful and energetic Pembroke Welsh Corgi that befriended She Wolf when she had only just escaped the Sanctuary. Tobi is orange with white like a traditional corgi and has a short stubby tail. He may be small and stumpy but he is ten times as energetic as any wolf. His appearance makes others look down on him for his size and breed, but he still remains optimistic in all of his endeavors. His owners are the Broteir family, but he likes to roam off leash while they are out. Tobi is best friends with a large pack of city dogs and tries to help She Wolf as best as he can.

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Kane - One of the first friends that She Wolf makes during her time at the Animal Sanctuary. Kane is a Red/Silver Fox Hybrid, brought in from the wild, that lives in the Animal Sanctuary. He has found numerous ways to overcome the attempts at caging him and escapes during the night to wander the premisis. Kane has tried three times to escape back into the wild but is always caught just before he reaches the end of the woods outside the sanctuary. His name means "One who walks on four claws" - His full name is Kaneonuskate (Kane-on-euu-is-skate).

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June - A reserved individual who attempts to befriend She Wolf when she came to the Sanctuary. He is almost a year older then She Wolf and is quite mature for his age. His coat is light grey with black and darker grey markings with grey eyes. He doesn't like She Wolf's attitude, yet still likes her for an unknown reason. She Wolf is his first 'crush' yet she is too young to understand this.*


Inu - A very quiet wolf who hides out in her den majority of the day to avoid the rambunctious pack. She befriends She Wolf by treating her wounds after she is attacked by Barberry. She is attracted to June and is well respected in the pack. She is light brown with a white face. Her name means "dog."

Barberry - The 'Alpha' of the pack at the Sanctuary. He is about three years old and has no children. He grew up in a zoo and is now entering the breeding program at the Sanctuary. His coat is Chocolate Brown with darker brown markings. Barberry is constantly attacked by She Wolf when he tries to stand up to her and doesn't fight fair. His assistant is lowly male named Bridge.

Wanikiy - A fearless individual that seldomly speaks unless necessary. He was a loner, traveling across the country until he joined up with Ahiga. He is Golden brown with large wounds running across his backside. He grew great respect for She Wolf after she changed her disposition and leaned that they share the same goal: trying to find the place where they truly belong. Wankicky's past is unknown. His name means "Savior" - (Wan-ick-eye).

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Doli - A sarcastic, malicious female who joined She Wolf and the others a few months into their journey. Her coat is Dark grey with lighter grey markings and has green eyes. Doli left her pack in search of a mate but only found humans as she traveled. After traveling for several months she came across She Wolf's Pack. Her original intentions were to befriend She Wolf only to get to Ahiga, but she soon changes her tune and learns to respect her and the others as individuals.  She doesn't intend on staying with the pack very long despite her feelings for Ahiga.

Her name means "Blue Bird" - (Dole-ee).


Ahiga- A fierce, loyal male who is entirely devoted to Wanikiy. He was taken from an animal shelter as a pup only to be raised as fighting dog bait. He has very agressive tendencies and is easily frightened by other animals. Ever since he was rescued, he has looked upon Wanikiy as both a father and a 'savior.' He is pure black and goldenrod eyes. Scars are prominent through out his entire body especially his face and legs. Ahiga was named by Wanikiy a few days after he was rescued; Before that he was referred to as "Number twelve".

His name means "He who fights" - (Ah-hee-ga).

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Rozene - An overly ambitious, rude female who wants nothing more than to be recognized by her peers. Daughter of Takoda and a roving male from another pack - sister of Tadi and Tse. She is an extremely high falutin individual who tends to irritate others very easily with her attitude and selfishness.  She resides at an animal preserve in Washington and has a very shakey relationship with her pack. When she is found she has already had her first litter. She is a reddish brown with no markings.

Her name means "Wild Rose" (Ro-zeen).

Tse - A power hungry male who was released back into the wild on a preserve under close supervision. He is the son of Takoda and a roving male - brother of Tadi and Rozene. He has green eyes, with a brown coat and tan chest with light brown paws. Tse attempted to assert his dominance within a domesticated captive pack in a zoo and killed two wolves in the process. Never one to bend to anyone, Tse will defend himself by any means necessary. He rules over the human controlled Pack of Red Owl that was formally ruled by Len. His name means "Solid like rock" - (Tee-ce).

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Grey - The most intelligent and reserved wolf in the Pack of White Ravens. Her coat is dark grey with a white face and white paws. Grey's intellect isn't well respected in the pack; In fact she is ridiculed for it constantly. She lives in the territory where the pack of Black Fox used to inhabit. Due to her lessening rank, grey planned on leaving her pack but was disuaded by her leader. Soon after Grey meets She Wolf's pack, she is inspired by their journey and finds an inner strength.

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Enapay - The Alpha Male and leader of the Pack of White Ravens. Moon is his mate and his children are Hurit, Nizhoni, Galiahi. He is a dark brown wolf with shades of gold and lighter browns through out his coat. Enapay is a strong, fearless leader that is respected greatly by neighboring packs. He led his pack into the territory of the Pack of Black Fox after humans began their invasion of the lands. When She Wolf's pack enters the territory, he is very curious about her and her history and attempts to persude her and the others to join his pack. His name means "Brave" - (En-ah-pay).

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 Moon - The Alpha Female of the Pack of White Raven. Her mate is Enapay and her children are Galiahi, Nizhoni and Huritt. She is light grey with a black tail and black paws and has Orange eyes. She was born into a captive breeding program after the start of the great war on wolves. She is not very intelligent and completely oblivious to pretty much everything. She wears a tracking band attached to her hind quarter equipped by the humans.



Huritt  - A son of Enapay and Moon of the Pack of White Ravens - brother of Galiahi and Nizhoni. He is the most arrogant and stubborn of the three siblings and over-reacts to almost every event that occurs. He is pure black with a gray tipped tail and has orange eyes. He reflects a Narcassist personality almost perfectly. Huritt inherited all of his father's strength, and all of his mother's idiocy. His name means "Handsome" - (Heur-it).

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Galiahi - A daughter of Enapay and Moon of the Pack of White Ravens - sister of huritt and nizhoni. She is strong and fairly intelligent female who hunts alongside her brother and father daily. Her coat is a pale tan with a white chest and legs and has pale green eyes. She seems to have a lot of problems ailing her mental well being. Though she is strong, she doesnt tend to pick fights and is quite nervous around other pack mates.  Her name means "Attractive" - (Gal-lee-ah-he).

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Nizhoni - A daughter of Enapay and Moon of the Pack of White Ravens - sister of huritt and galiahi. She is spolied heavily by her parents and is disliked by majority of the pack. her coat is Brown with a mixture of gold and white and has yellow eyes. She is one of the lowest ranking members and on the verge of being chased out for her incompetence.  She has no physical power and has all of her mother's stupidity. Her name means "Beautiful" - (Niz-oe-nee).

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Chogan - A young, handsome male from the Pack of Red Owl. He is the son of  Litona and is disliked by many because of which. He is black with white dabble on his muzzle and has gorgeous golden brown eyes. He is very interested in She Wolf's proposal to Tse of joining her pack and becomes attracted to her instantly despite being a year younger then her. His name means "BlackBird" - (Cho-gen).

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????? - A mysterious creature that appears through out the series. It appears as a buck deer with very large antlers. When She Wolf first comes across it she is completely terrfied.