Darika: The Alpha Female of the ____ pack, mate of Gerai, and Mother of Nuttah


, Kohana, Selzer, Donoma, Chemsu, Bly, Tate, Kitchi, and many other wolves. Her name means "Maiden" (Dah-ree-ka). She is pure black with no markings. She is a fierce and headstrong leader who does not tolerate Yuna, Takai, or any of their children. Her biggest weakness is her heart and mate. She does not cope well with death or any problems that occur within the pack and eventually loses herself. (Image by Wildfotog)




Gerai: The Alpha Male of the ____ pack, mate of Darika, and Father of Nuttah


, Kohana, Selzer, Donoma, Chemsu, Bly, Tate, Kitchi and many other wolves. His name means "Thunder" (Jur-eye). He is dark brown with tan facial markings and a dark strip down his back to his tail. He has a few scars on his right hind leg. He is very intelligent but tends to reach out for advice from Elder Tocho before acting on a situation. He loves his mate and offspring intensly and will do anything to ensure their safety.




Yuna: The mate of Takai and the mother of Chenoa, Elsu, Nakoa, Mimiteh, Hurit, Hotah. One of the most well respected members of the pack. She is kind, intelligent, and a powerful hunter and fighter. Her name means "___" (You-nah). Her eyes are Gold and her coat is pure white with a small black marking on her left eye. She is tolerant of Darika's attacks on her, but not so much on her mate and her children. She is an extremely devoted mother whose only wish in life is that her pups grow up strong and live happy lives. (Image by woxys)


 Takai: The mate of Yuna and the father of Chenoa, Elsu, Nakoa, Mimiteh, Hurit


, and Hotah.


 A great hunter and a wise teacher. He has a very odd and quite silly personality, and is severely devoted to everyone in his pack and his mate, but most of all to Gerai. He acts like a father to those who have none or need comforting. His coat is a mixture of dark browns and tans with facial markings and a large cut over his muzzle and eye made by Gerai. He is well liked by the Elders and Gerai, and hated by Darika for his mating with Yuna. (Image by Unknown - google images)



 Elder Maiara: The oldest female of the pack and an extremely intelligent individual. She is the assistant of Elder Tocho, but is treated as an equal to him in rank by everyone in the pack. Her name means "___" (My-are-ah). She has brown eyes and has a black coat and is spotting over her entire body. She is the aunt of Darika and joined the pack a few months after Gerai and Darika courted one another. Her wisdom is only matched by her sense of right-and-wrong. She loathes injustice and fighting and will put herself in harms way to stop it. (Image by Woxys)


Elder Tocho: The oldest male of the pack and the most powerful one as well. His strength and intelligence make him 'top-dog' of the pack. He ranks higher then Maiara but he treats her as an equal and unconditionally loves her as if she were his mate. He is a large timber wolf with dark brown fur and a tan chest and beginning to spot. Tocho is not related to anyone in the pack. Anyone who disobeys him knows that punishment is close at hand orders and he is the advisor of Gerai. Elder Tocho welcomes the birth of Takai's children and defends them whole heartedly. (Image by PicturebyPali)


Sayen: A beautiful female who joined the pack about three years ago. She is a reddish brown color with markings simliar to a fox including an almost white chest and a black tipped tail. Sayen is an


Omega and is pushed around a lot by Darika. Despite her rank, she is extremely powerful and a great fighter. She is most fond of Takai for how much he tolerates her and is pleased with the events that fall upon Yuna. She is a complete whore to the males of the pack and hates Yuna, Nakoa and Elsu. Not much is known about her past but her future is certain that she will never have children of her own.  Sayen is the living embodiment of Lust which plays a key role in a large part of the story. (Image by



Bly: A daughter of Gerai and Darika and sister of Tate, Chemsu, and the 3rd generation of pups. Her name means "Tall


" (b'-lye). She is grey with a light grey chest and belly and hazel eyes. Her brother is her best friend and she is his 'right paw 'girl''. She speaks for her brother when he chooses to stay silent and is well respected by everyone in the pack. She plans on leaving with her brother Tate very soon to start her own pack. (Image by Dancingcavy)




Tate: A son of Gerai and Darika and brother of Bly and Chemsu, and the 3rd generation of pups. His name means "He who talks too much".


 His coat is a mixture of browns with a light tan chest and pale yellow eyes. He is rather quiet around the pack but has a high rank amongst the hunters. He is confident and full of strength and shows a great deal of leadership skills. He plans on leaving soon with his sister Bly to start his own pack. (Image by WOLLE)



Chemsu: A son of Gerai and Darika and brother of Bly and Tate, and the 3rd generation of pups. His name means "____". He is dark grey with patches of lighter grey and light brown eyes. He is a lazy and incompetent wolf that rarely partakes in the pack's hunts or anything for that matter. He is an Omega and somewhat of a loner that doesn't plan on leaving the pack until a roving female enters the territory. He acts as somewhat of a comic relief and constantly attempts to trick the others out of their food. His father never has the opportunity to fully rid the pack of him. (Image by Eternal-Salvation)

Nakoa: A lovely female and daughter of Yuna and Takai, and sister of Elsu and her deceased siblings. Her name means "___" (Na-co-ah). She has golden eyes and is pure white like her mother with multiple scars. Darika and Sayen hate her intensly while Gerai is a bit more tolerant of her. She is courageous, a bit hot headed and intelligent. She is a great hunter like her parents and is devoted to her pack, especially Gerai's children. She quickly finds her place in the pack and accepts everything happily. (Image by Woxys)


Elsu: A laid back male and the son of Yuna and Takai, and the brother of Nakoa and his deceased siblings. His eyes are light green and his coat is a mixture of browns with a lot of markings and no noticeable scars. He doesn't like getting into things that do not have a known outcome and is very submissive to everyone. He is a good hunter but tends to stick to smaller kill and personal hunts instead of participating in group hunts. He is disliked by Sayen and Darika because he is the son of Takai. (Image by Unknown - google images)


Donoma: The most intelligent wolf in the entire pack and daughter of Gerai and Darika. She is very short with Nakoa, Elsu, and her siblings but has a great deal of respect for her older sister Bly. Her name means "Sight of the Sun" (Duh-know-ma). She has gold eyes and is pure black like her mother and has no markings. She serves as a body guard for her brother Selzer when he gets into spats with his other siblings and dislikes her brother chunta. She is chosen by her parents to lead the pack of which she refuses to take part in. (Image by


Kohana: The quietest male of the third litter and the son of Gerai and Darika. He is a mixture of brown, tan, black and white, and has evergreen eyes. His stern, bold, strong appearance 




Selzer: A quiet and strong male wolf and the son of Gerai and Darika. He isn't very ____ and submits to the others very quickly if they rank higher then him. His name means "Earth" (Cell-zer).


Kaliska: An extremely lazy individual who is considered even lower then Sayen in rank. She is not permitted to hunt with the pack or participate in pup sitting.  Her name means "Coyote" (Kah-lis-ka) and was given to her by Darika. Aponi is her mother, and Kaliska is a Wolf Dog Hybrid. She plays no real role in the pack and is payed little attention. Her hunting skills are lacking in nearly every aspect and though she still has the full appearance of a wolf, she feels she is the ugliest thing in the world and it affects her intensly. (Image by animewolfgirl96)





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